Design and craftsware by the artisans, designers and artists in Fiskars At the ONOMA Shop you will find a broad selection of craft, design and art products, all produced by Cooperative members.


Monday-Tuesday closed
Wednesday-Sunday 11:00AM-18:00PM


Thirty years ago, in 1994, the first summer exhibition of works by local creatives was produced in Fiskars Village under the name 1. Näyttely (‘The First Exhibition’). Two years later, in 1996, some of the core members of this community founded and registered the Onoma cooperative. Onoma’s exhibition activities quickly attracted the attention of the Finnish art world and professionals but also that of the international media. High-quality, curated exhibitions have been held in Fiskars Village, at the Copper Smithy and the Old Granary, ever since. Being featured in a Fiskars exhibition became a goal for many art professionals.


We recommend parking on the market place parking area.