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Surprisingly close

Fiskars Village is situated in the city of Raseborg, in Western Uusimaa.

  • From Fiskars to Hanko by car 57 minutes
  • From Fiskars to Tammisaari by bicycle 86 minutes
  • From Fiskars to Tampere by car 2 hours and 50 minutes

Frequently asked questions

Where can I park my car?

We hae two bigger parking areas, Market place parking area and Assembly Hall parking area. We recommend leaving your car at one of these, and walk. Most buildings have parking for disable in front of the buildnings.

Can I reach Fiskars Village by bus or train?

You can take a bus or train from Helsinki or Turku to Karjaa and from there travel the rest of the way with taxi, bike or local busses (not on weekends).
Train time table and tickets: www.vr.fi
Bus time table and tickets: www.matkahuolto.fi

Is the area accessible?

We have a lot of old building in the area and unfortunately not all are accessible. But many are!

Accessible restaurants and cafes:
Resturant Kuparipaja
Fiskars Wärdhus
Cafe Antique (via Onoma shop)
Café Bar Pesula terrace
Pizzeria Waldemar

Accessible museum, shops and exhibitions:
Fiskars Shop
Onoma shop
Kasarmi 1852-building; Deka design, Humina, Riiminka & Aleksiina Design, Smakova Art
Veitsitehdas shop and bar
Garden shop Ruusupapu
Nikari showroom
Bianco Blu
White and black hall exhibition venues
KWUM ceramics museum

Accessible toilets are found at the market place, on the craft square, in all restaurants.

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