Join me for a calming forest bath and pause to listen to what the beautiful and diverse nature of Fiskars wants to tell you. During the walk, you will also hear a fascinating lecture on Finnish mythology and the significance of trees, animals, nature spirits, and elves to our ancestors. At the end of the walk, we will perform an immersive ritual together, related to the season and the moon phase.

We will choose a suitable location in the nearby nature according to the group’s preferences, taking into account any mobility restrictions.

For an additional fee, delicious snacks and/or an immersive sauna experience can be arranged at the end of the walk. We collaborate with local restaurants. Longer and shorter walks are also possible.

Your guide on the walk will be Reetta Ranta from Fiskars – a storyteller, professional coach, and media entrepreneur whose calling is to act as a bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world. Reetta’s latest work, the “Rituaalikirja” (Timeless Nordic Rituals, SKS Kirjat), was published in the fall of 2023. The book invites you to revive forgotten traditions and start new rituals that strengthen the connection to nature, the cycle of the year, and your inner self. Oracle cards following the book’s theme will be published in the summer of 2024. Currently, Reetta is writing a book on Sacred Trees (SKS Kirjat, to be published in 2025). Reetta is also known from the TV series “Metsien kätkemä” (Back to Nature), which combines nature tourism, mythology, and beautiful, captivating storytelling.

2 hours – 300€ max for a group of 8 people. Additional persons 30€/person.

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