Hope – näyttely Kupru galleriassa

pe 15.3. – su 14.4.2024

Helena Kulishova & Kateryna Harahulia

 15.03 – 31.03. and 11.-14.4. in Kupru Gallery, Fiskars

Welcome to the thought-provoking exhibition “Hope” by two Ukrainian artists Helena Kulishova and Kateryna Harahulia in Fiskars, Finland.

Through their powerful artworks, they invite you to delve into the complexities of our world, exploring both its ominous threats and its enduring beauty.

The first part of the exhibition portrays the harrowing reality of our time, where the specter of numerous bloody conflicts looms large, threatening to spiral into a global catastrophe with the deployment of nuclear weapons by all sides involved. From the ongoing war in Ukraine, serving as a chilling prologue to potential larger conflicts, to the unsettling possibility of global nuclear warfare, these artworks compel us to confront the grave dangers facing humanity.

In contrast, the second part of the exhibition celebrates the splendor of our planet—its awe-inspiring nature and the harmonious coexistence between human creations and the natural world. Through intricate brushstrokes and vivid imagery, the artists remind us of the millions of years of evolution that have culminated in the emergence of conscious beings like ourselves. Yet, they also highlight the precariousness of our current situation, as humanity stands at a pivotal juncture in its history.

Then the development of man himself and human communities over the millennia, and culminating in our modern humanity with its achievements in science, technology, culture and art

As you conclude your journey through this exhibition, ponder the profound message it conveys. Let it inspire you to contemplate the choices before us—to either succumb to the looming threat of global nuclear warfare or to forge a new path towards the continued evolution of humanity and the preservation of peace on Earth. May this exhibition ignite a sense of hope within each of us and spur us to action in safeguarding our shared future.

About the artists:

Helena Kulishova studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts (KhSADA) (1989-1994) in the faculty  ”Design” and faculty department: ”Industrial Design”.

Graduated from the graduate school of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts (KhSADA). Helena has a PhD minimum, work on a PhD thesis.

She specialises on  design, environment design, industrial design, architecture, landscape design, visual art, painting, grafics, monumental art.

Helena is a member of the Ukrainian Design Union since 2002, member of the Finnish Design Union “Ornamo” since 2022, member of Global Art Point since 2023.

She  was awarded a diploma of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine ”For contribution to the Ukrainian design”.

Helena is practicing designer, founder of the creative lab  ”Design Archi-Decor”

Her recent exhibitions in Finland include “Rescued by Finland”  as part of the Imatra Art Week, in the Espoo Kanusali (2023) and in Jarvenpaa (2023), “Immersive Art Project “Myrskylintu” in DemolitionArtHouse “Pinni 47”, Tampere, Finland (2023).

Kateryna Harahulia studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine).

 She is a versatile visual artist and designer with master degree , who has exhibited in major cities in Ukraine, Finland and Europe .

Her recent exhibitions in Finland include “The Forest Glow” as part of the Anti-Festival Kuopio (2022), Imatra Art Week and in  the Espoo Cultural Centre (2022) , Espoo Kanusali (2023), “Revelation of Consternation, Myymala2 Gallery,  Helsinki (2023) , “Renascence” in Jarvenpaa , Finland (2023) ,”Women’s Essence” in Berlin , Germany (2023) , Immersive Art Project “Myrskylintu” in DemolitionArtHouse “Pinni 47”, Tampere, Finland (2023), Quantum Critic in Helsinki, Finland (2023), Rome Art Expo in Rome, Italy (2023).

More information: dextrummethodo.com, designarchidecir.com

Instagram: @dextrum_methodo_art,  @design_archidecor

Facebook: Kateryna Harahulia

Artists made a decision that after the sale of the paintings, they donate money to charitable organization “Social Health Fund”, which helps disabled people, large families and elderly people in Ukraine with humanitarian aid and medicines.

The price negotiable and depends on the picture.

Acknowledgement to  ONOMA, Kupru Gallery , Artist at Risk and Ukrainian Culture Center “Renascence”.