Shop and work space, 95,5m2

Separate building, Craft square


Available immediately


Kuparivasarantie, 10470 Fiskars

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SpaceShop and work space in a separate building, 95,5m2
Additional costsrent guarantee: 2000€ + water, electricity and waste
AvailableAvailable immediately

Inviting building on Craft square with space for a shop and workshop. The shop side has one larger room and a separate storage room, a toilet and a small kitchen. The work space side has one larger room with floor drain, one smaller room with water tap and floor drain and storage space. Both the work side and the shop side have fireplaces and air heating pumps. The work space is suitable as a workshop (ceramics, wood, other handicraft) and it fits small groups of people.

The rental contract is valid for one year after which it can be terminated with a three months notice time.

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