Garden shop Ruusupapu

Charming Gardenshop located in Fiskars Old Cows. Wide selection of close produced flowers, plants, herbs and trees. Also a gift shop, including antique and souvenirs.

Gardenshop Ruusupapu is founded at 2018. From our garden you find close produced summer flowers, shrubs, perennials and trees. Organic grown vegetable seedlings, herbs and eatable flowers are made by ourselves and nearby Organic farms. We help you choose right plants for your garden. Also available a help in your own garden.

Our gardeners do planting, planning and weeding for example. It is a pleasure to help customers and take good care of our wide plant selection.

Inside of a Fiskars Old Cowshed you find a gift shop. In our selection we have nice souvenirs, antique and a garden gifts. Little something for everyone!


Parking in front of the building