Fiskarsin museo

Fiskars Museum

The Fiskars Museum preserves and explores the Ironworks culture from the 17th century to the present day, and presents the past to visitors in the form of stories, exhibitions and workshops.


The Fiskars Museum preserves and explores the culture of the Iron Works dating from the 17th century to the present day. At the museum you can explore history through a variety of stories, exhibitions and demonstrations of traditional tasks and chores. The museum is located at the Hammarbacken area in the Fiskars Upper Iron Works.

In the main building of the museum you can find exhibitions and our museum shop. The museum area also includes our summer exhibitions, a traditional bakery, and Café Hammarbacken, all located in the vicinity of the museum garden. During the summer you can also participate in the Iron Works villagers activities.

In addition to our main exhibition, we also showcase different changing exhibitions and our traditional Christmas exhibition. We strive to consider all different needs in the services that we provide for both groups of visitors and schoolchildren.

Tickets to the museum can be bought at the museum shop.

Entrance fee: 4-6€ / person. Under 18 years free of charge. Free of charge if you have the Finnish museum card.

Museum services

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Parking: in front of the museum or at the market place parking area.

Fiskarsin museo