Kupru Gallery: Connection, Minja Kolehmainen & Mobile Workshop

wed 19.7. – sun 30.7.2023

Artist and Cabinetmaker Minja Kolehmainen examines connection between self and nature through sculptures, furniture and illustrations. Being present, listening, seeing and diving deep into the mind is playing a big role in her art. She feels that without connection to yourself and nature, we are gonna die before we even realize that we are alive. Live now.

Kolehmainen lives a Nomadic life and is doing artistic work in a small caravan called Minja & Mobile Workshop. She might be the first and only one to do that in Finland. She renovated a little workshop and home in an old cute caravan. Kolehmainen travelled around Finland and the rest of Europe to get more technical skills and to learn about life and herself. At the moment she lives and travels in Finland.

Nature is the most important value for Kolehmainen. You can sense that in her art: carefully selected wood, high quality and sustainable sculptures.

Kolehmainens’ work has also been seen not only in Finland, but also in Japan, England, France and Denmark. One of her artwork is in the collection of Museum For Fine Woodworking Objects, in New Hampshire, USA. At the moment Kolehmainen concentrates mainly on making hand carved small wooden sculptures, in her Mobile Workshop. Her previous production consists of sculptural furniture which combines illusion, art and function.

Plaster and plaster molds have been the latest experiment for her. She got introduced to this old traditional material in Portugal.

Kolehmainen studied applied arts in England (BA) and vocational qualification in woodworking at Nikari Oy, Fiskars. She worked many years as a cabinetmaker at Nikaris workshop.