Jomon-Shindo basics course in Fiskars

sat 15.6. – sun 16.6.2024

Jomon-Shindo® is a comprehensive bodywork method that includes relaxation exercises, gentle yet effective stretches, and therapeutic techniques. These practices have a broad impact on the body and mind, bringing balance and vitality. Jomon-Shindo supports, maintains, and enhances holistic well-being. A distinctive aspect of the practice is warm, respectful touch and support, which is essential for enhancing stretching and treatments.

The Jomon-Shindo basic course helps with relaxation, emotional balance, and supporting the natural dialogue between mind and body. During the course, participants learn six meridian stretches and a few restorative Jomon circular bending stretches. Additionally, they become familiar with self-care methods of Shindo, relaxation exercises, and unique support techniques used during stretching. Simple relaxing treatment techniques for home use are also explored (back treatment, toe treatment, shoulders).

The course is open to everyone and is suitable for both beginners and those looking to deepen their previous experience with Jomon-Shindo. Fitness level or age is not a barrier to participating in the course; each participant is guided to practice according to their own situation. We work gently to help the body and mind balance and open up.

Participants of the basic course have the opportunity to continue into the Jomon-Shindo instructor training, which is set to begin in summer/fall 2024 in Fiskars (the basic course replaces one day of the instructor training).

Instructor Jomon-Shindo® instructor/caretaker Anna-Kaisa Hirvanen

Course fee  230€ (including alv 10%) The price includes the basic course handbook and certificate fee, as well as tea service. If you have limited financial means or are experiencing economic difficulties but would like to participate in the course, please contact us.

Course date and times: Saturday 6.15 11:00AM-17:00PM, Sunday 11:00AM-16:00PM

Location: KotiSali, Suutarinmäki 11, 10470 Fiskars

Information and registration:  +35850 364 9000

All enrollments need to register before 6.1! Group size max 8 people

Accommodations in Fiskars Village:  You can also ask the instructor for other available accommodations

Warm welcome!

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Suutarinmäki 11, 10470 Fiskars