An unforgettable concert dinner at VillaValonlumo

A multi-course dinner and live music will take your dining experience to another level. The food is produced from the natural riches of the surrounding area, and the taste contains a story about the origin of the flavors. At the same time, the music and sound scapes created in a moment, which takes you deep into the connection with nature, will strengthen your experience. The magical moment present is complemented by the specialness and beauty of the place. Nature will be part of your all sensory experiences in this event.

The experience is built together based on the customer’s wishes. Various elements can be brought into it to strengthen the desired experience. Dinner can be included as part of business coaching/work well-being day. If desired, the evening can include, for example, a nature excursion or the picking of wild herbs, from which a side salad is made together for the dinner table.

We recommend this package for smaller (less than 20 people) groups.


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