Roll Outdoors – MTB rental

Rent a mountain bike or an e-mountain bike and experience the versatile trails of Fiskars Village!
OPEN: July 10am-6pm
Craft square, Kuparivasarantie 7C, Paja-aukio, 10470 Fiskars
+358 44 4915894


Roll Outdoors MTB rental offers high quality mountain bike equipment for rent at Fiakrs Village! The rental is located in the Craft square in Fiskars Village, where it is easy to get to the mountain bike trails. The rental is open all year around. You can choose from the latest models of high quality Canyon mountain bikes and e-mountain bikes.

We recommend reserving your bike in advance through the web shop.

Go to rental page from here. 


Weather you are visiting on your own or with a group of friends or work mates, it is a great option to book a guide to show you around at Fiskars Village Trail Center and show you some tips and trick on the bike. We recommend groups to pre-book so we can plan a perfect day for you:


Fiskars Village Trail Center offers over 60km of easy to technical trail in the beautiful nature surrounding Fiskars Village. There are four levels of trails from green (easy) to black (very technical), so there is something for everyone. You can combine biking and visiting shops and workshops at the village and stay for several days. The hotels, restaurants and services of Fiskars are open whole year around.

Trail map: