Laura Elo’s exhibition “The World is One”

thurs 1.6. – sun 2.7.2023

Photographer Laura Elo combines the world in her summer exhibition in Fiskars.

Laura Elo’s exhibition “The World is One” brings together moments from Fiskars’ life and nature in fleeting images from different parts of the world. Instead of attractions, the focus is on people with their little stories and secrets moments. The photographs in the exhibition were taken in various locations in Finland, as well as in Namibia, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and Malawi between 2002-2022.

“I have travelled a lot alone. The camera has acted as a friend during my journeys, encouraging me to embrace unknown places and people. I still feel that I see the world more clearly and beautifully through a camera.”

“I believe that people are the same everywhere. Nature also speaks the same language. What makes the world beautiful is its diversity. Differences in the midst of similarities”.

“For me, a photograph is like a small movie. My photo series reflects the idea that we are all unique pieces of a puzzle. Just like in life, each photographs works both together and alone as part of the whole.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura Elo started working on her decades of photo archives. Some of the images ended up in the inspirational book called Unique City Homes (2021). During the process, Elo’s relationship with Finnish nature changed. She became inspired to seek new perspectives in her homeland. One misty evening, she also looked at Fiskars with fresh new eyes. The exhibition “The World is One” was born from these photographs.

Laura Elo is a photographer and spatial designer based in Helsinki. She has been photographing around the world for over twenty years. During that time, Elo worked at design company Marimekko in an international role as a development manager. Pictures accumulated in the archive, waiting for the right moment and format. Elo studied photography at the New York film Academy. Since 2015, she has worked as a photograph and spatial designer in her own