Kupru Gallery: Maaretta Krohn, Tales From the Sea

wed 5.7. – sun 16.7.2023

Maaretta Krohn

Installations and paintings in a soundscape

The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish water basins in the world, and as such a unique habitat for the organisms that inhabit it.

Visible debris, floating and sunken… micro-sized plastic balls used in the cosmetics industry and all other non-marine goods are creating a new, false habitat in the Baltic Sea. Marine micro-organisms, fish, seals and birds are eating plastic and other debris and getting caught in ghost nets.

The underwater sound is fascinating; we don’t normally hear it and yet it is there.

Crustaceans’ speech is lost in the roar of ships’ and boats’ engines. How do fish cope with alien sound waves?

Will we understand more today than yesterday, more tomorrow than today?

Do we understand, do we act in time? The Baltic Sea is busy.

Kupru gallery

Kuparivasarantie 5

Open 5.-16.7.2023,

Mon-Sun, 12-18 (closed on Tuesday 11.7)

Free admission