Host your event at Fiskars Village

The different locales and the unique surroundings of Fiskars Village are an excellent setting for corporate and customer events and meetings.

The Valkoinen and Musta (White and Black) halls of the Kuparipaja copper smithy are white, loft-style industrial spaces, and the more rustic Puimala has its own particular ambience for your special event. Lukaali's banquet hall is renowned for its interior decoration and a space that can accommodate to all types of events all year round.
“The versatility of the Musta Sali locale, along with the local cuisine and the handicraft program, guaranteed the success of our event.”
Corporate customer of the year 2018
The Musta Sali (black hall) in Kuparipaja, the old copper smithy, is a versatile space that is excellent for public and private events. The locale is spacious, with plenty of natural light from the large windows.
The Valkoinen Sali (white hall) in Kuparipaja, the old copper smithy, is a good choice for parties and events. The large, open layout allows for a variety of table arrangements and structures.
Puimala has room for a sizable crowd, and is the perfect locale for large corporate events with a historic feel.

Rentable Venues

White Hall

Capacity: 200

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Assembly Hall

Capacity: 120

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Black Hall

Capacity: 200

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Threshing House

Capacity: 300

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Tipi and outdoor dining room

Capacity: 50

Käytettävissä: Nov 2021-May 2022

The cosy tipi and outdoor dining room by the Myllyjärvi lake are perfect for family parties and company gatherings

The cosy tipi and outdoor dining room by the Myllyjärvi lake are perfect for family parties and...

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Queries and requests for offers

Our customer service is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about visiting Fiskars or organizing events.


      Conference hotel Tegel

      Hotel Tegel is located by the river in the middle of the beautiful village. The hotel's conference facilities are an excellent locale for meetings and training sessions. Hotel Tegel has 24 high-quality rooms where you can unwind at the end of the day and wake up refreshed after a good night's sleep.

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      Near the city, surrounded by nature

      Fiskars Village is a unique and multifaceted destination where design, art and craftsmanship meet nature, history and architecture. The area's unique locales are the perfect settings for successful corporate events.
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      Spend the Night at Fiskars

      Fiskars Village is famous for its historic buildings and its legacy of craftsmanship and design, but the village also has long traditions in accommodation services: the village is home to Finland's oldest hotel still in operation. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the Village's high-quality accommodation will keep you feeling your best.
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      Catering service

      Local food and beverage for your event

      The restaurants at Fiskars Village provide delicious local food and classy service for the guests of your private event. Fiskars is also home to the Fiskarsin Panimo brewery, the artisanal Ägräs Distillery and Kuura Cider brewing company, which offer a tasty selection of artisanal beverages for all your events.
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