Principles for sustainable tourism

The attraction of Fiskars Village is based mostly upon its valuable nature and cultural heritage. This is why we must act and operate responsibly and in a sustainable manner, not only in tourism management but also in all other operations in the area. Together with local stakeholders we have identified six principles for sustainable operations, that work as guidelines for us, in preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Fiskars Village.

Fiskars Group Real Estate & Fiskars Village

Principles for sustainable operations and tourism development

Our Vision

Fiskars Village – the birthplace of Fiskars company, cherishes the company heritage and is widely recognized as a vibrant place to live & work and as a TOP 10 sustainable travel destination in the world.​ Fiskars Village contributes positively to the image of whole Fiskars Group. ​By 2030 our measures and efforts have maintained or even improved the value of group’s real estate assets in Finland.

Principle 1: We promote the protection of Fiskars Village heritage, culture and nature

  • Culture and natural heritage are important motives for traveling to Fiskars Village
  • Tourism industry in the area shall not endanger protection of this heritage. We strive to identify and eliminate any harmful impact that tourism may cause
  • We develop the tourism industry in a way that it correlates with the (authentic) features of the village and the demand
  • We promote possibilities for craftspeople, designers and artists to work and live in Fiskars Village
  • We communicate about our principles for sustainable tourism to our visitors


Principle 2. We strive to minimize harmful impact on the environment

  • We promote opportunities to travel to Fiskars Village by means of public transport and with reduced emissions
  • We prolong the visitors length of stay
  • We strive to be efficient in the use of energy and materials, e.g. by using wood chips powered heating, wind powered electricity and renewable energy
  • We want to be a role model in sustainability issues, e.g. by using natural materials and recycled materials in our construction and renovation projects
  • We encourage our visitors to act responsibly and in a sustainable manner
  • We offer solutions for recycling waste, and promote circular economy

Principle 3. We strengthen local aspects

  • The foundation of our service range is based on local knowledge, results of surveys, experience and culture
  • Our guide services are of high quality and we offer education in local knowledge for guides and entrepreneurs in the area
  • We contribute to growing appreciation of the village by offering good quality tourism services
  • We maintain and develop Fiskars Village in cooperation with local stakeholders

Principle 4. We promote health and wellbeing 

  • We encourage our visitors to take part to guided tours, individual activities and nature experiences
  • We ensure that all our products are safe for our customers and that all our service providers follow law, applicable regulations and good manners
  • We want to provide a wide range of products that suite to a variety of customers regardless of their background or abilities
  • We promote visitor’s opportunities to increase their social, mental and physical wellbeing
  • We offer local inhabitants options for different recreation possibilities and enhance living conditions in the area

Principle 5. We support local economic growth and offer job opportunities to locals

  • We offer high quality tourism services based on Fiskars Village attractions
  • We cooperate with local entrepreneurs and stakeholders, offer them visibility and a digital platform for selling and service distribution
  • We provide information about Fiskars Village services and products in advance and in an easily accessible way through multiple communication channels
  • We support arranging of events throughout the year in Fiskars Village by involving local inhabitants and groups of people according to their interest and abilities
  • We encourage visitors to prolong their length of stay

 Principle 6. Local entrepreneurs and associations communicate the values of Fiskars village in a congruent and uniform manner

  • We commit to these principles and communicate about them responsibly to media and our stakeholders
  • We collect feedback for further development of the destination and our operations
  • We provide a forum for cooperation, education and discussion to local entrepreneurs and interest groups
  • We encourage local entrepreneurs and interest groups to commit to these principles


When preparing and creating the principles above we have utilized the guide for sustainable tourism ”Kestävän matkailun periaatteet” by Metsähallitus published in 2016 as a source. In addition we have adopted Green Destinations Foundations’ TOP 100 Sustainable Destinations Award criteria to identify and set goals for various aspects of sustainability at our destination.

Naturally, sustainability principles and 2027 targets of Fiskars Group have also been carefully taken into account.

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