Fiskars Brewery

Our beers are brewed with drinkability in mind, a bold attitude and good taste. We are passionate about producing great beers from our pure, natural surroundings - experimenting with native herbs, berries and wild yeasts.
OPEN: Mon-Thu closed, Fri-Sat noon-9pm, Sun noon-5pm
Old Knife Factory, Peltorivi 7, 10470 10470
+358 (0)43 201 0833

Artisanal beers from pure and clean Finnish nature

Our roots are still in Rekola – Vantaa but the tree has grown in a different direction. We are now very excited to brew and create new beers in the small, picturesque Fiskars Village. Easy living in a 600 habitant village; nearby to clean and beatiful nature from which we get our inspiration and raw ingredients for our craft beers. An excellent example of local ingredients is our Kaksi Kotia Vailla Humalaa – wild herb gruit, no hops at all! All the wild herbs are foraged from nearby forests and used to season and sour this beer.

With our new Head Brewer, Simon McCabe, we have taken a step closer to country life and created Fiskars Farmhouse Series, a collection of farmhouse style beers that varies from saisons, sour ales and biere garde to oak foeder fermented beers and even sahti.


Brewery Shop

From the brewery shop (Peltorivi 7, 10470 Fiskars) you can find our range of beers, special batches, brewery glasses, T-shirts, bags and other brewery related merchandise.

One speciality you can’t find anywhere else is our beer vinegar. We make this dark and slightly sweet vinegar from our Munkintie beer and the vinegar bacteria was foraged on the riverside just out side of our brewery. Beer vinegar is excellent for salads, fish & chips, cheeses and it gives nice acidy for marinades to tender meat.

Does your company need something special for a future happening? Get some craft beers from us! We can rent a tap and help you  choose keg that’s perfect for your party.