Fiskars Christmas Market

Fiskars Christmas Market, where two events become one. Christmas themed Maan Maut food event and handcrafts Christmas market. Lots of wonderful flavors and handicraft gifts. Free entry, Sat-Sun 10am - 4pm
Event date
30.11.2019 - 01.12.2019
Sat-Sun 10am - 4pm
Free entry
Copper Smithys, The White and black Hall, Kuparivasarantie 5, 104700 Fiskari
Käsityöläismarkkinat: Camilla Fältmarsch +35840 724 3868. Maan Maut: Sami Paatero +35850 328 2127

Christmas Maan Maut

Get local foods to your Christmas table from Fiskars!

The Maan Maut are organized in the traditional way at Fiskars. PohjanGurut ry invites food producers to Kuparipaja Black Hall, Fiskars Ruukki. Fish, meat products, cheeses, mustard, canned food and plenty of other Christmas flavors.

Handcrafts market

The traditional Christmas market is coming again. You will find lovely handmade Christmas gifts for yourself and your loved ones at the White Room at the Copper Workshop. The list of sellers will be updated according to registrations before the event.