Fiskars Village EPIC MTB

35km tai 60km Stage race -style MTB race in beautiful Fiskars Village!
Event date
10470 Fiskars
Fiskars Village Epic MTB is Stage Race, where timing is done in Special Stages (SS). SS are 1,5 – 5km long and those have up- and downhill and technical sections etc. Stages are designed to be finest MTB Southern Finland. This is also social event, you can book same start time with your friends and enjoy racing together.
Matkat / Distances
Täysmatka / Full Distance: n. 60 km ( n. 23 EK km)
Puolimatka / Half Distance: n. 35 km ( n. 14 EK km)
Sarjat / Categories:
Race, Electric, Trail, Masters 50+, Tour, Nuoret alle 18/ Under 18
+ erillinen 2 Henk TEAM RACE / + separate 2 persons TEAM RACE
FULL 55€
HALF 49€
FULL+ Team Race 62€
Information and contact: Fiskars Villae Trail Center / Flowriders ry: