Rissla forest trail

Rissla forest trail takes you along paths and roads to the nearby forests and to the old Rissla power station and waterfall. The route starts cloes to the city center.
Always open
Långdalintie, 10470 Fiskars, 10470 Fiskari
020 439 2099
The Rissla forest trail takes you along paths and roads to nearby forests. Along the route are scenic areas and a campfire site, as well as historically interesting sites such as the old Rissla power station structures. The Rissla dam and electric power plant were built in 1899 due to increased need for electricity in Fiskars. The total length of the Rissla forest trail is about 4km. The route starts and ends just outside the city center. You can take the route in either direction. Parking at Fiskars Market.

Start of the trail: Långdalintie, 10470 Fiskars (see map)

Parking at Fiskars market: Fiskarsin tori, Peltorivi 1, 10470 FISKARS

When exploring Rissla forest trail


  • walk along the marked pathways. To help preserving the nature, please used marked routes.


  • allow dogs to roam unleashed
  • litter
  • pitch tents or make camp
  • light fires except in designated places ATTENTION! check possible fire warnings in advance
  • remove or damage trees and shrubs
  • catch, harm or disturb animals
  • mountain bike (the path goes through nature preservation area)
  • use motor transport
  • fish

Visitors walk the trail at their own risk. Rissla dam presents life-threatening risk of falling, so please use the detour! Do not climb the dam. Cliffs, rocks and tree roots along the path are slippery when wet.

We advice visitors to protect Rissla’s valuable nature by following these rules and enjoy the nature without littering. Be sure to take