Kieloniemi traditional sauna

Come and experience unforgettable sauna baths in Kieloniemi’s traditional sauna! The sauna experience in Kieloniemi takes you to another dimension – a mythical and atmospheric world where time is forgotten, and the healing steam from the large stone stove washes away worries and sorrows.

Kieloniemi’s sauna is a unique, once-heated sauna built according to traditions by the residents of the Fiskars village association. It is located in a scenic area by the tranquil and clean Lake Degersjö, offering the perfect environment for relaxation and mental cleansing. The bruks sauna is heated for the villagers about every other week but is also rented out to outsiders. The sauna benches can simultaneously accommodate up to 12-15 people. Over the course of a day, up to 50 people can enjoy the sauna in shifts. In the sauna, one washes traditionally with water carried in from the lake. The sauna is electricity-free.

The sauna experience in Kieloniemi includes:

  • Heating of the sauna
  • Towels and seat covers
  • A unique and atmospheric sauna experience in nature’s embrace
  • Spring water
  • Cleaning


For outsiders and companies: €990. For groups over 20 people: €1190 (VAT 0%, we are not VAT liable)


Private sauna booking becomes valid when the village association has approved and confirmed it, and the payments are made.

Book your unforgettable sauna experience in Kieloniemi and let nature and the traditional sauna steam care for your soul and body!

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