Deka Studio

Deka designs and manufactures bespoke furniture and accessories in Fiskars and in Australia. Each product is made with high quality craftsmanship and features unique details and use of material.


Our commitment to a sustainable material culture stems from our long family history in the craft of furniture making. It is evident in selection of materials and manufacturing processes and the quality of our products. Our workshop maintains high standards in selecting and using materials and processes which reduce the impacts on environment throughout the life of the furniture: from sourcing the material, through production and after sales service. We reduce waste by re-using offcuts from our processes and prefer to not follow trends, rather designing to a classic aesthetic that gives our furniture and accessories long term appeal. In addition to this we are equally concerned with developing a sustainable material culture by promoting small scale design and manufacture. Part of this is to also support learning of craft skills that used to be part of the everyday, and now have become endangered. We believe these skills are crucial to us in that they make us consider the material impacts of manufacture and they facilitate the connection between the head and the hand which increases our wellbeing. We teach these skills whenever we can through our projects, our courses and our collaborations.


Deka Studio is situated in the Kasarmi1852 building. parking on the other side of Fiskarsintie or at the marketplace parking area.

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