Maan Maut – food fair

Come pick up seasonal treats from our traditional August farmers market!
Event date
27.08.2022 - 29.08.2022
Fiskars market place, Peltorivi 1, 10470 Fiskars

Local and organic food and beverages on the annual August farmers market!

You’ll find meat, veggies, berries, mushrooms and lots more at Fiskars market place the last weekend in Autumn. There will also be handicraft for sale and Fiskars Village boutiques and restuarnts are open.

Free entrance!

Place: Fiskars Market place, Peltorivi 1, 10470 Fiskars
Time:  27.-28. August at 10 am to 4 om.
Organizer: PohjanGurut r.f.
In cooperation with: Fiskars village association and Fiskars Village
Info: PohjanGurut Sami Paatero p. 050 328 2127